Bishop Amfilohije will not conduct Serbia’s foreign policy

“The Bishop of Montenegro and Adriatic, Amfilohije buried me twice, holding a memorial service for me which goes against both human rights and religious laws”, said Defence Minister, Aleksandar Vulin following several Serbian top officials denouncing the Bishop’s statement about him worrying that Aleksandar Vucic was leading a policy of betrayal of both Serbia and Kosovo.

The office of the Serbian President said that the President would not comment on Amfilohije’s statements until 14th January. “After that, the President will address that particular accusation and any other accusations made on his account in an interview for Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS)”, the President’s press service said for Tanjug.

The President’s Secretary General, Nikola Selakovic also noted that Bishop Amfilohije was engaged in witchcraft which goes against the spirit of the Serbian Orthodoxy, while Defence Minister, Aleksandar Vulin said that no Serb living in Kosovo and Metohija benefitted from the Bishop’s curses.

Head of the Kosovo and Metohija Office, Marko Djuric thinks that somebody else is instructing Amfilohije to say such things, while Deputy PM, Zorana Mihajlovic comments that the issue of Kosovo is not an issue that anybody, let alone Bishop Amfilohije, should use to divide the country in “patriots” and “traitors”.

In an interview for the Montenegrin TV station Novi, Amfilohije criticized Vucic’s policy towards Kosovo. “I have never had any conflicts with Vucic. He is the first Serbian President to attend a regular convocation of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Now, I am afraid that his policy will lead to the betrayal of both Serbia and Kosovo, and that’s why he has changed”, Amfilohije said in the interview, and added that he would like to appeal to the ruling structures in Serbia not to disavow themselves.

A total of twelve Serbian Orthodox Church bishops have signed the Appeal in Defence of Kosovo Metohija, which is almost a third of the Holy Archbishopric Convocation, as did many priests.

In his interview for RTS, President’s Secretary, Nikola Selakovic said that Aleksandar Vucic’s policy was nothing like his predecessors’ who were sycophantic towards Amfilohije and whose policy resulted in  the increasingly smaller number of Serbs living in Kosovo. He underlined that Amfilohije’s statement could be analyzed in minute details, but the fact remains that this was a church dignitary who held a requiem for a person that was alive (Aleksandar Vucic) not once, but twice.

(Politika, 09.01.2018)



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